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We want this to be the communal site for St Anton Seasonnaires and all guests visiting the resort. Share your pictures, thoughts, profiles, gossip and more... click for more details

Getting here

Aeroplanes and Airports

my-St Anton is not a travel agent, but we can of course recommend the best ways to get to St Anton.

Zurich, Friedrichshafen and Innsbruck are the closest airports.

Definitely the quickest route if coming from UK!
EasyJet, if you can bare them, fly into both Innsbruck and Zurich airports.
B.A and Swiss fly into Zurich, offering the most choice and quite often the best prices
B.A and Austrian fly into Innsbruck, but flights with these guys are often a bit more expensive.
Ryan Air stopped their route in to Friedrichshafen because they are extremely tight and moved to Memmingam Airport, cheaper, but further away!
Aer Lingus are rumoured to be taking the route once week (Sundays I think) and also try as a budget airline to Friedrichshafen.

From the airport:

A private transfer can cost up to Ä320 for up to 4 people, so its not the cheapest, but definitely the quickest! Zurich = 2 hrs, Friedrichshafen = 1.15hrs, Innsbruck = 1hr

The train is a much better value option. is the trains website and there is an English section as well!
Zurich = 2hrs 50 mins if you get the quick train
Friedrichshafen = 2hrs
Innsbruck = 1hr 30 mins as you have to get a bus from the airport to the train station. Train time is just over an hour.

Other Options

There is a shuttle bus a few times a week from Zurich and Freidrichshafen
Check out and for bus times and details

If driving from anywhere its best to look at google maps and plan your route!
If youíre flush with cash then take a heli transfer from one of the airports! Great way to see the mountains but will cost you your seasons bar tab!

Staying here

Obviously through the season you will have friends and family come out to visit who may want some good value accommodation as opposed to a posh hotel or to stay in your chalet and have you cook for them! is not presently an accommodation finder, but we do aim to change this in the future, offering contacts to the B&Bís, apartments, hotels that will suit your budgets.
For now, the tourist office website has an accommodation finder which shows availability to suit taste and budget and location.

If you donít have a budget or maybe a moderate one and want everything organised for you, from flight, transfer, accommodation and to be looked after in resort then contact someone like Kaluma Travel ( and they will be able to help!

Whats on in St Anton
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